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BOOKINGS: Online reservations for day trips must be paid in full at time of booking and seats are confirmed instantly. Multiple-day vacations require a small deposit to secure your seats, with the balance normally due 45-90 days prior to the departure date.



DayTripper Tours offers an optional Cancellation Protection Plan (CPP) on most single-day and multi-day motor coach excursions, providing peace of mind in the event you need to cancel your booking at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. The CPP allows you to cancel for any reason up until one hour for day trips (two hours for mutli-day vacations) prior to your scheduled departure time to receive a full refund, less the CPP premium. Simply notify DayTripper Tours by telephone of your change of plans prior to your scheduled departure time so the bus crew can be notified. The typical cost of the CPP for most one-day tours is $15-$20 per person, per tour, and approximately 10% or less on multi-day vacations. CPP may be purchased at any time prior to the tour’s published cancellation deadline. The cancellation deadline for each tour is shown on each tour published on the website under the Additional Information tab on the tour description. CPP may not be offered on certain ticketed events, or may be offered at a slightly higher rate. When you need to cancel your booking, there's no paperwork to fill out and no questions asked; you can simply change your mind up to one or two hours before your scheduled departure time to receive a full refund, less the CPP fee. The CPP is not insurance, but rather an agreed-upon cancellation fee paid in advance for the right to cancel a reservation according to the terms stated in this section. To cancel your booking please call (619) 334-3394 and press zero to speak to an agent or to leave a voicemail.



At DayTripper Tours, we recommend you purchase insurance to help protect against unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss, or even sudden sickness or injury, all of which could impact your excursion. In today’s ever-changing travel environment, you can relax and enjoy your trip with the security of knowing you have coverage with a travel protection plan for those unexpected circumstances. For your convenience, we offer travel protection through Travelex Insurance Services (CA Agency License #0D10209). To visit the Travelex website, click herePlease note: your policy must be purchased on or before the date you submit your final payment for the tour in order to be eligible for the pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver.

Travelex Insurance Services, Inc. CA Agency License #0D10209. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc. CA Agency License #0D10209. Insurance coverages underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company, a New York domiciled company with its principal place of business at 1299 Zurich Way, Schaumburg, IL 60196 (NAIC # 16535).


CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS, AND CHANGE FEES ON DAY TRIPS: Refunds for tour bookings canceled by the guest will be issued in accordance with the following terms (unless specified otherwise in tour-specific terms & conditions).

For one-day tours, if you purchased the optional Cancellation Protection Plan (CPP) prior to the cancellation deadline, you may cancel your booking at any time for any reason and receive a full refund, less the CPP cost. If you opted not to purchase the CPP, you may cancel your reservation on most day trips fourteen (14) or more days prior to the departure date to receive a refund less a $15-$20 per person cancellation fee. For some specialty tours, and those that include performing arts or other pre-purchased tickets, you may cancel thirty (30) or more days prior to the departure date to receive a refund less a $20 per person cancellation fee. Name changes on day trips are always permitted at no cost but may be unavailable due to security protocols by certain service providers on the tour. If you opted not to purchase the optional CPP, no refunds, transfers or credits can be issued for any reason after the cancellation deadline has passed.

No refunds for failure to board the bus at the assigned time and place. Guests who choose to depart from a tour in progress, or who are denied re-boarding for violating our terms and conditions, are responsible for their own safety, transportation, and any expenses incurred. Unused portions of a tour are non-refundable. If DayTripper Tours cancels a tour, you are entitled to a full refund without penalty. Please allow 14 days for check refunds.



For most multiple-day motor coach tours, you may cancel your reservation forty-five (45) or more days prior to the tour’s departure date to receive a refund, less a $100 per person processing fee. Passenger name changes, deviations, or other changes made by the passenger after the final payment deadline has passed will be assessed a $50 per person change fee plus any fees incurred by the service providers. No refunds, transfers, or credits will be issued for any reason on reservations canceled after the cancellation deadline. Reservations made after the cancellation deadline has passed must be paid in full at the time the reservation is made and are non-refundable and non-transferable at that time. No refunds for failure to board the bus at the assigned time and place. Guests who choose to depart from a tour in progress, or who are denied re-boarding for violating our terms and conditions, are responsible for their own safety, transportation, and any expenses incurred. Unused portions of a tour are non-refundable. If DayTripper Tours cancels a tour, you are entitled to a full refund without penalty. Please allow 14 days for check refunds.


SEAT ASSIGNMENTS: Motor coach seats are assigned from front to back in the order your reservation is confirmed with deposit. Special seating requests toward the front of the bus cannot be honored; however, curbside or driverside and window or aisle seats may be requested, although they cannot be guaranteed. Performance venue seats are assigned within our group seat block from front to back in the order your reservation is confirmed. Due to box office policies on performing arts tours, we can only provide general seating sections such as “orchestra” or “balcony” and cannot provide specific seat numbers or honor special seating requests. Guests are required to follow each performance venue’s seating, distancing, and other safety protocols.


RAIN OR SHINE: All scheduled tours will operate rain or shine unless the main attraction of a tour is canceled by the service provider, or when travel to the destination is officially declared unsafe or inadvisable by government officials, in which case you will be notified as soon as possible and issued a full refund, transfer, or credit.


ROOM SHARE GUARANTEE: DayTripper Tours offers a room share guarantee for solo travelers on most overnight tours, whereby travelers will be paired with another same-gender, non-smoking, solo traveler so both travelers can take advantage of the double occupancy rate. If we are unable to secure a roommate for you, you’ll receive a single occupancy room at no additional cost, provided you’ve confirmed your reservation with payment before the tour’s cancellation deadline. This program is not available to individuals who use noise-generating medical devices, are accompanied by a service animal, suffer from insomnia, deal with excessive body odor, or have other conditions that could affect the comfort and well-being of their paired roommate.


TOUR MANAGER & DRIVER GRATUITIES: As is common in all service industries, gratuities for the Tour Manager and driver are customary when great service is provided and are not included in the price of your tour. The customary gratuity amount for the tour industry is $6 or more per person per day for day trips, and $10 or more per person per day on extended vacations to both the Driver and Tour Manager.


BUS PICKUP LOCATIONS & PARKING DISCLOSURE: DayTripper Tours offers various bus “pickup points” or “departure locations” as a convenience to passengers residing in different areas of the county. However, these pickup locations are offered only as locations from where you can board the coach and are not offered or implied as secure or legal locations for automobile parking. We highly recommend guests observe all parking restrictions and local ordinances. Street parking is usually limited to 72 hours, while Park & Ride carpool lots are generally limited to 24 hours; therefore, we recommend utilizing public transportation, rideshares, or a taxi service to transport you to our departure locations on overnight tours. DayTripper Tours assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage, personal injury, or citations arising from the locations at which guests’ automobiles are parked.


TRAVELER RESPONSIBILITIES: All passengers assume responsibility for following all tour procedures, safety regulations and protocols, Tour Manager and driver instructions, and for displaying acceptable patterns of behavior while traveling on a DayTripper Tours excursion. We reserve the right to refuse passage to anyone who, in our sole opinion, may adversely affect the health, safety, or enjoyment of other passengers on a tour, either prior to departure or during the tour. Should it be necessary for a passenger to return home while a tour is in progress due to violation of these responsibilities, any travel expenses incurred, and personal safety, are the sole responsibility of the traveler.


MOTOR COACH ETIQUETTE: For the comfort and enjoyment of all travelers on a tour we ask each passenger to observe the following motor coach etiquette:

1.   Silence your cell phone while on the motor coach and limit cell phone conversations to urgent calls only.

2.   Use personal headphones when playing videos, interacting on social media, listening to music apps, or using any other noise-making devices. Never put your devices on speaker.

3.   Practice good hygiene and refrain from using fragrances in consideration of those with sensitivities and allergies.

4.   Maintain a low volume on personal conversations and pause your conversation when the Tour Manager or driver is addressing the group.

5.   Occupy only your pre-assigned seat unless given permission by the Tour Manager to change to another seat.


DISABILITIES & PASSENGER HEALTH: DayTripper Tours offers reasonable accommodations to our guests with disabilities. Motor coaches equipped with a wheelchair lift should be requested as far in advance as possible and are subject to availability of a coach with a wheelchair lift, and the circumstances of each tour. When a lift is availavle, mobility devices lifted into the passenger cabin are secured in place and considered the disabled guest’s assigned seat for the duration of the tour. Passengers should be in good mental and physical health to fully participate in the group tour experience, as most tours involve walking, free time, and step-climbing or other physical activities during the course of the tour. Passengers are responsible for considering the suitability of a tour based on their personal limitations prior to making a reservation. Tour Managers and motor coach drivers are unable to provide personalized assistance; therefore, persons with special needs should be accompanied by an individual who will take full responsibility to assist them during the tour and in the event of an emergency.


SERVICE DOGS: Service dogs trained to perform specific tasks for a disabled person are permitted on DayTripper Tours excursions. Advance notification is preferred, as it allows us to better prepare to accommodate the service dog and disabled person’s needs. For the comfort and safety of others, emotional support dogs and pets are not permitted on any tour.


DISABLED SERVICES AT FACILITIES: Should you desire special accommodation or equipment to assist with a disability at the tour destination, please let us know in advance so we can advise our service providers. Although we will do our best to notify these providers, DayTripper Tours does not guarantee the availability of loaner wheelchairs or the ability of the service provider to otherwise accommodate a disabled person. Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant rooms at hotels can be requested but cannot be guaranteed. The availability of such rooms on the dates of your tour may vary from property to property, and standards may vary from country to country and are not within the control of DayTripper Tours.


AGE RESTRICTIONS: All tours are limited to travelers age 12 and up except by special request. A responsible adult must accompany and supervise all children at all times while on a tour.


TRAVEL INTO MEXICO: No one under the age of 18 is permitted to travel on a DayTripper Tours excursion into Mexico. All passengers are responsible for determining the requirements for their particular situation and for obtaining all required documents and information by calling the INS at (619) 690-8888. Each traveler on a tour to Mexico must provide passport or passport card information on their reservation at the time of booking, and the guest must present the passport or passport card to the Tour Manager and border official upon request. Failure to do so may result in denied boarding or detention at the border and will require the traveler to arrange alternate transportation home at the traveler’s expense. Bookings are nonrefundable if a guest fails to provide the above documentation. Please note that Global Entry, Sentri, or other trusted traveler programs are not acceptable for entry into Mexico and will cause the traveler to be denied entry into Mexico and the need to depart the tour at the border.


CUSTOMERS OF SIZE: DayTripper Tours is committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all of our customers. As part of this commitment, we require the purchase of an additional seat for any customer who cannot comfortably fit within the boundaries of one seat on the motor coach. Although there are slight differences in seat size depending on the coach used, the width of the seat typically measures between 17 and 19 inches. If you are traveling alone and will not be able to fit in a seat of this size without encroaching upon any part of the neighboring seat, we require that you purchase a second seat at the discounted price of $79 per day, if available. An additional seat may not be available on some tours. The price of the additional seat will be credited to your account for future use if there are unsold seats on the coach when bus seats are assigned. The purchase of a second seat is not required if you are traveling with a companion who has agreed to occupy the seat next to you. We request that you please call us to purchase the additional seat in advance so that we can adequately plan and ensure that adjacent seating is available. If you require a second seat and it has not been purchased in advance, you will be asked to purchase the additional seat before boarding the motor coach if one is available. There is always the possibility that the tour will be fully booked and two seats will not be available together, which could compromise your ability to participate in the tour. We therefore strongly encourage you to purchase the second seat at the time you make your reservation. DayTripper Tours is committed to complying with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its corresponding state and local laws. In line with our nondiscrimination policy, if your need for an additional seat is because of a disability, we ask that you please inform us of your need for reasonable accommodations at the time of booking your reservation. In this instance, an additional seat will be provided to you at no cost, if available.


SPECIAL REQUESTS: DayTripper Tours will provide the services and facilities of your vacation package as described in our tour description. Special meals and dietary needs fall outside our contract with service providers and cannot be accommodated. If you prefer special arrangements other than those described, such as special hotel room or airline seating requests, we will gladly communicate your special request to the appropriate service provider on your behalf. However, since these requests lie outside our contracts with our suppliers, DayTripper Tours cannot guarantee nor assume responsibility for the outcome of those requests.


PHOTO WAIVER: During the course of an excursion the Tour Manager and fellow travelers may, and often do, take photographs and videos in order to share the experience on social media platforms and the DayTripper Tours website. It is possible that you may appear in one or more of the photos or videos, and by joining a DayTripper Tours excursion you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or recorded and to have your appearance and voice used in any and all media throughout the universe and in perpetuity without notice or compensation.


DAYTRIPPER LOYALTY PROGRAM: DayTripper tours offers DayTripper Dollars as loyalty points that are earned after the tour has traveled and can be applied toward payments on future tours. for more information click here.


COVID-19: DayTripper Tours does not require proof of vaccination to travel. While we continue to encourage guests to be vaccinated for their own and fellow travelers’ protection, we no longer require proof of vaccination as a condition of travel. The use of masks onboard the motor coach remains optional and may be required at certain venues. Despite the level of protocols and safety measures in place, any interaction with the general public and others poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee that you and your traveling companion(s) will not be exposed while traveling on an excursion. DayTripper Tours is not responsible for the personal choices and interactions travelers have with each other whether onboard the motor coach or off. Persons who must depart from a tour due to a COVID infection or other unexpected reasons are responsible for all associated costs including return transportation home, and unused portions of the tour are nonrefundable. For your convenience, we offer Travel Insurance for multi-day vacations through Travelex. Please see the TRAVEL INSURANCE section above or click here for more information.


LIABILITY: DayTripper Tours acts solely as the agent in arranging for and coordinating various services of other companies to create tour packages, including transportation, hotels, restaurants, performance and admission tickets, and other services. The persons or companies engaged in conducting those services are not employees of DayTripper Tours; therefore, DayTripper Tours assumes no liability for any loss, accident, baggage damage, delay, inconvenience, expense, or injury to you or any persons traveling with you owing to any act of default or negligence caused by any person or company engaged in providing those services, or by any strike, acts of Providence, or other events beyond our control. We reserve the right to cancel or alter any tour when circumstances require. By submitting your payment for any tour you are accepting these terms and conditions in their entirety.


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